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'Stronger Together'

Our favourite words - partnership - collaboration - cooperation - networking - involvement

In 2015, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced that grants were available to help set up Coastal Community Teams – the aim being to support the development of local solutions to economic issues, and the sustainable use of heritage /cultural assets as a focus for community activities.


Annie Winsland seized the initiative and submitted an application for a small grant (£10,000) to help establish a local Coastal Community team.  Bude BEAM (as it was then named) was ‘launched’ on Friday 2nd October 2015 – at an informal meeting at the Gregson Centre, Stratton attended by Scott Mann MP.


An essential factor of Coastal Community Teams is community partnership and collaboration – linking local councils, businesses, voluntary organisations and community-minded people.

Our mission statement: 

Bude Coastal Community Team is working to maximise economic, social and environmental benefits for the local area via community partnership and collaboration.

In 2017 a decision was taken to make a few changes.  Early in 2018, BCCT was re-structured to facilitate closer collaboration with both Bude-Stratton Town Council and Cornwall Council.  New terms of reference were adopted and a strengthened steering group formed.


In some respects, it's work in progress but our aspirations have not changed.  BCCT’s aim is to begin revitalising the area by becoming a linking mechanism, connecting people and services, while inspiring a “Stronger Together” work ethos.  Words that will be used frequently include partnership, collaboration, cooperation and networking, with a huge bias on involvement.


Future emphasis will be on supporting clearly identified projects - and we are currently engaged in discussions with Bude Safer Cycling; A Greener Bude Collective; Bude Canal and Harbour Society; Bude Sea Pool; Blend Youth Collective; and others.  BCCT also intends to explore how the ideas in the Action Chapter of the Bude-Stratton Neighbourhood Plan, adopted by referendum in 2017, can be advanced.


We wish to encourage businesses and community organisations that have ideas to make the local community a better place in which to live or work, to get in touch.  Projects will need to be able to demonstrate sustainable economic benefits to qualify for grants from the Coastal Community Fund, but other funding sources may be available in other cases.