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BCCT and Covid-19.  BCCT intends to press on as best we can, working remotely and independently, relying on technology for communications.  Much of what we do depends on collaboration with many partners, which means that some projects will be on hold. Read more here   

Successful bid for Lottery funding

Click here to see a copy of the press release about BCCT's grant application on behalf of Bude Climate Partnership to the National Lottery Community  Fund.

Use this link to see the National Lottery list of the 14 recipients

Our mission statement: 

Bude Coastal Community Team is working to maximise economic, social and environmental benefits
for the local area via community partnership and collaboration.

An essential factor of Coastal Community Teams is community partnership and collaboration – linking local councils, businesses, voluntary organisations and community-minded people.

Our slogan is Stronger Together.   Our favourite words include:

Partnership – Collaboration - Cooperation – Engagement – Involvement – Networking

BCCT is a volunteer-led organisation with limited resources.  We are a project-based organisation; Projects make up our workload.
We encourage businesses and community organisations with ideas to make the local community a better place in which to live or work, to get in touch.  Projects need to demonstrate sustainable socio-economic benefits to qualify for grants from the Coastal Community Fund or other funding sources.
To us, a Project is more or less anything that supports BCCT’s mission (ie that leads to economic, social, or environmental benefit to the local area).  The term project is also used for many of the activities of the Board as a part of BCCT’s development.
Every Project will need to have a project lead or SPOC (single point of contact) ideally with supporters/resources to help advance the project.


Bude-Stratton Strategic Programme (BSSP)

In 2019, BCCT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – a collaboration agreement with three other parties – Cornwall Council, Bude-Stratton Town Council (BSTC) and CIoS Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). 
The common objectives of the MoU include the delivery of BSTC’s Neighbourhood Development Plan and BCCT’s Economic Plan, and the setting up of a steering group to agree on priority projects.
These priority projects now form the Bude-Stratton Strategic Programme, and progress will be reviewed quarterly.

Current projects include:

  • Improving the network of cycle paths in the Bude area, particularly safer cycling routes to/from schools,

  • Enlarging and upgrading the skatepark at Crooklets,

  • Relocating the ‘Pepper Pot’ - the Coastguard lookout at Compass Point - in the light of coastal erosion,

  • Developing a long-term management plan for the Bude Canal,

  • Town centre improvements and developments,

  • Improved local education provision and skills development,

  • A long-term plan to improve Bude’s wider connectivity, mainly by road network improvements,

  • A wide range of cultural and heritage initiatives,

  • To support the re-purposing the former Tripos building so that it’s brought back into economic use.

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