BCCT and Covid-19.  BCCT recognises that Covid-19 will have a significant impact on all our lives for the immediate future.  Where possible, we aim to press on as best we can, working remotely and independently, and relying on technology for our communications.  However, much of what we do depends on collaboration with key partners, eg Bude-Stratton Town Council, Cornwall Council, local businesses, and many partners, which may limit what can be achieved. 

Some projects will be on hold; we will continue to work on those that can be advanced, and we’ll be using the time to improve our readiness for when more normal times return.    [March 2020]

This brief article on the Bude & Beyond Community website has more information - http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/what-does-covid-19-mean-to-bude-coastal-community-team

Bude Coastal Community Team - a brief history
  • In 2015, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced the setting up of Coastal Community Teams – the aim being to “support the development of local solutions to economic issues, and the sustainable use of heritage /cultural assets as a focus for community activities”.
  • An initial grant of £10.000 was received, based on DCLG guidelines, “to establish the Team itself, develop the economic plan and/or progress initial priorities”.
  • On Friday 2nd October 2015, at an informal meeting at the Gregson Centre, Stratton attended by Scott Mann MP, Bude BEAM (as it was then named), was ‘launched’ - with a steering group of five volunteers.
  • At that time the ‘initial priorities’ identified were NEETS (those who were Not in Employment, Education or Training) and ambitiously, to help bring the former Tripos building, empty since 2008, back into economic use.
  • While some of the grant was spent on drafting the Economic Plan (all CCTs are required to have one) and grant applications, most of it was used to provide support, mentoring and training for NEETS, plus advice for new business start-ups.
  • In the following two or three years, significant time and effort were spent on the Tripos project, including negotiations with the DCLG, the Homes & Communities Agency, Cornwall Council, and others, with little reward – including an unsuccessful grant application to the Coastal Community Fund.
  • Early in 2018, BCCT was restructured to facilitate closer collaboration with both Bude-Stratton Town Council and Cornwall Council.  New terms of reference were adopted and the steering group was enlarged.
  • Towards the end of 2018, Cornwall Council recognised that BCCT had a valid role in supporting economic development locally and offered us a grant of £5000, which would be doubled if BCCT could find match funding, which we did. BCCT became formally incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee.
  • This led to the MoU collaboration agreement (as set out on the Home page) – and to BCCT becoming an incorporated business – with a bank account!
  • In December 2019, the BCCT Board resolved to change our incorporated status from a company limited by guarantee to a Community Interest Company (CIC) - to increase eligibility for funding sources.
BCCT continues to evolve – with lofty ambitions – though with scarce resources (human and financial) – the main route to drive projects to fruition will be through partnership and collaboration.   It’s been said that BCCT, because of its unique relationship with local authorities, businesses and community groups, is better placed than other organisations to bring about socio-economic development in the local area.
Working together = Stronger together.
Who's Who on the BCC Team
(Names underlined are the volunteer Directors of BCCT)
  • Paul Tilzey - (BCCT Chairman) Bude-Stratton Town Councillor.  Paul is also Chairman of Friends of Bude Sea Pool, and proprietor of a B&B in Bude.

  • Adrian Bennett - Adrian is a retired solicitor, Director of Budehaven Recreation Ground and Secretary of North Tamar Business Network Group.

  • Miranda (Tilly) Clarke -  Manager, Neetside Community Centre

  • Sean Collins-Powell - MBA (International Business and Finance) plus extensive experience of project management in the energy industry.  Self-employed business consultant at SW Project Services. [seancollinspowell@hotmail.com]

  • ​​John Gimson - (BCCT, SPOC) Retired after 40 yrs with a major international insurance group. [Email link]

  • Peter La Broy - Cornwall Councillor and Bude-Stratton Town Councillor.  

  • Ian Mason - Bude-Stratton Town Councillor and Owner/Director of 'Pro-law' (Professional Law Services Ltd)

  • Ian SalternSelf-employed community project consultant, developer and fund-raiser.

  • Robert Uhlig - Author, journalist, speechwriter and Bude-Stratton Town Councillor

  • Ben Wood - Director of Sales and Operations at Klinik Healthcare Solutions UK

  • Zoe Bernard-John  -  Cornwall Council Link Officer for Bude. [Email link for Zoe Bernard-John]

Special advisers

  • Tim Bagshaw - BCCT's part-time Economic Development Manager

  • Andrew Finley  - Project Director Oxford Innovation. Specialists in Business Growth, Innovation and Funding.

  • Paddy Frost - Director of Integer (inc Integer Academies & Agencies, an approved Community Interest Company)


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