A proposal for Partnership Working (Sept 2021)

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Since being formed in 2015, BCCT's aim has been to pursue socio-economic and enviromental benefits to the area via partnership and collaboration.

In discussions with BSTC (Bude-Stratton Town Council) about future collaboration, we were asked to submit a presentation with a proposal for a way forward.

A PowerPoint presentation was made to some BSTC councillors at an informal meeting of the Economic Development working group on 2 September 2021.

The basis of our proposal is to establish an arm’s length body - involving wide and diverse membership and representation from local authorities, businesses and community groups in the local area – in line with similar models adopted around the country where town teams have been developed in line with HM Government guidelines.

Use the link below to view the PowerPoint slides. (The presentation includes some Notes; your settings may need to be adjusted to see them.)

BCCT Prestn to BSTC 2Sep21 v6 with Notes
Download PPTX • 719KB

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